Seven christian writings

With the Light of Jesus

Notes about the author David Cortada Hortalà

David Cortada was born in Banyoles in 1972 and grew up in Girona within a practising Catholic family of seven siblings. He continued his studies and completed his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Religious Sciences. Throughout his life he has worked in several sectors, which has given him a comprehensive experience in different fields.
During his life, he has met Christians who have significantly influenced his way of experiencing and seeing things such as the hermit of Alinyà, Lourdes Garriga; the hermit of Montserrat, Basili Girbau; the old Chinese Jesuit priest Peter Yang; the presbyter Josep M. Nogué; and others, who have become sources of the Christian wisdom reflected in this book.
“Good does good and evil does evil” or “God’s matters are simple, those of men are complicated” are two thoughts that reflect his experiences.

David Cortada offers us his reflections based on a very close reading of the Gospels. He brings together perspectives both from authorities acknowledged throughout the history of the Church and from thought in general, as well as from Christians with whom he has discussed the issues addressed in this book.

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